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Sultan of sufis Hazrat Sultan Bahoo R.A

Sultan of sufis Hazrat  Sultan Bahoo R.A

 In Punjab province, sufis , who with their knowledge and conduct and good manners have enrolled thousands of people in the Islamic circle

They were brought out of the darkness of disbelief their hearts illuminated by the light of faith. Made Islamic teachings public And the creature of Allah benefited one of them is highest rank sufi saint the real sufi the light for spiritual travailed

Sultan of sufis Hazrat  Sultan Bahoo R.A

That is why, hundreds of years have passed since his death.His name is still alive today His name is Sutan Bahoo R.A among sifis he is renowned with name of sultan of sufis he belongs to Awan tribe His family tree is Sultan Bahoo

Bin Bazeed Muhammad

Bin Fateh Muhammad

Bin Allah Ditta

Which goes ahead and reaches Hazrat Ali R.A. After the incident of Karbala , when family of Prophet was oppressed And there were various events. they started to took residence in different parts of Iran and Turkmenistan due to being Alvis , Awan tribe was close to descendants of the Holy Prophet Mohammad so they helped the descendants of the Holy Prophet Mohammad in this poverty and exile and become their friend and helper , that is why they are called Awan Hazrat Sultan Bahoo's father name was Bazeed Muhammad and mother name is Hazrat Bibi Rasti

Hazrat Bazeed Muhammad R.a was a pious , noble and a hafiz Quran as well as he was on a big post in Dehli in Mughal Dynasty he married to Bibi Rasti he was among noble saints In village of Sonskaisar , Anqa , he used to be busy in worship near the fountain at the foot of the mountain That place as a sign of a wali is still preserved today Hazrat Bibi Rasti was inspired before Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was born That a Saint is growing up in their stomachs so she said herself that she was informed by unseen that the boy in my stomach will be one who renounces worldly comforts and Saint of God by birth Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was born in 1039 Hijri in Month of Ramadhan on Monday (April , 1630) in Awan Town , Shorkot , district Jhang , Punjab , Pakistan. He was still young when his father died. His early education and training was well done by his mother During his infancy when Ramadhan comes ، he do not drink his mother milk and drank at Aftaar time As a child, the sound of Hoo Hoo with yhis breath would sound like this that he is doing Zikar of Allah He would neither play with the toy nor take other child hobbies He kept his eyes down, If he r.a. had noticed a Muslim, his body would be shaken. He cried out uncontrollably that this was not an ordinary child. He has strange light in his eyes ، Which directly affects the hearts.

Hazrat Sultan bahoo said , one day as a child I was standing on the side of the road that awesome ، a man of dignity , luminous face saint came on horse

And he held my hand and put me behind me. I asked, fearfully and trembling، who are you?

He said , I am Ali ibn Talib ، I asked where you are taking me He said, I will take you to them by their command. When he attended the Bargah Resalat , Hazrat Abubakar , Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Usman were also present there The Sultan of the Prophets raised both his hands towards me. said hold my both hands, then take allegiance on holy hand and then exhorted Kalma Hazrat Sultan Bahoo say when I recited لاالہ الا اللہ محمد رسول اللہ

Degrees and ranks , there is a veil left after that Hazrat AbuBakar paid attention to me due to that brightness and truth created in my body afterthat Hazrat abubakar left the gathering then Hazrat Umar R.A focused me due to which justice and accountability created in me then he left after that Hazrat Usman focused me due to which shyness and generosity created in me and then he also left

then Hazrat Ali focused on me so my body filled with knowledge , bravery and tolerance Then Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) hold my hand and took me to Hazrat Faima R.A. She said you are my son then I kissed the feet of Hasnain Kareemain R.A. wear a slave strap around my neck then Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) delivered me to Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A. commanded me to guide the creatures of Allah.

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo said I saw everything I saw with my outward eyes Hazrat sultan Bahoo R.A said once my mother said to meunless you hold the perfect guide , you will not be able to achieve mystic knowledge he said I don't need a guider my guider is Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) mother said son a guider is also necessary to achieve knowledge of God so Hazrart Sultan Bahoo left the house in search of perfect guider to fulfill mother order and reached Gar Baghdad shreef near the bank of Ravi

He listened about the Habibullah shah qadri here and went to him Hazrat Habibullah Qadri's famous miracle was that a cauldron full of water was always kept on low flames who the requisition of knowledge of God comes he ordered him to put his hand in cauldron As soon as he put his hand, he would got divine inspiration

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo sat still when he saw this miracle. Explained the purpose of your coming when asked so Habibullah Qadri r.a. said Why didn't you put your hand in the cauldron? if you put your hand in cauldron , you got your purpose

He said I know the condition who put their hands in cauldron , It won't fulfill my meaning from this Habibullah Qadri r.a. said ok stay here for few days and commit self-immolation. Fill the mosque's cistern and clean the yard of mosque so next day Hzrat Sultan Bahoo asked for a leather bag to fill water and servants provides him he dropped a leather bag of water in cistern so cistern's of mosque filled completely then washed the complete yard of mosque servants narrated the whole matter before Hazrat Habibullah shah so he asked Sultan Bahoo R.A. do you have worldly wealth?

He said yes! Hazrat Habibullah shah qadri said

monotony can not be achieved such that , first get rid of the wealth and property after listening that he left for home perfect saint Hazrat Bibi Rasti , who was in the house, learnt this from Kashaf manifestation so she said to his wives my son is coming to get rid of worldy health and property save your ornaments and cash hide somewhere so that it will be useful in times of need , they did just that when Sultan Bahoo came and mother asked why he came? He said my sheikh has ordered me to get rid of worldly wealth and property Mother said, Son, if there is any wealth, remove it. He r.a said I smell wealth from home Mother said, If there is any wealth, take it out. The place where the ornament was hidden you took out and threw it away and then hewent to Habibullah shah Qadri

Habibullah shah Qadri said , you are free from worldly wealth. What will you do of your wives now?

Give the right to Allah or to your wives , go and divorce them So that you may be fully prepared for the right path. He r.a. returned home his mother knew the reason for his arrival So she already told your wives my son is coming to end relationship with you. Sitting behind my back, somewhere because of his passion, do not say a Shariah word in your favour. So he enter the house , mother asked what is the reason for coming

He explained the purpose of coming , mother said , listen son , their rights like alimony which are obligatory to you will forgive you for the consent of Allah You are free from paying their rights. Pay the rights of Allah , their rights will continue to be upon you. if You achieved the knowledge of Allah that is right ،Otherwise you don't have to come to pay for their rights. so after that he r.a came to Hazrat Habibullah Qadri after getting rid of wealth and wives right , Habibullah Shah Qadri paid full attention to Hazrat Sultan Bahoo He sat for a long time in that condition Hazrat Habibullah Shah Qadri asked did you reach your goal

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo replied , What appeared to me today had achieved in my childhood Hearing this, Habibullah Shah r.a disappeared as a trial Flew into the air and went somewhere Hazrat Sultan Bahoo r.a. also flew back and found Hazrat Habibullah shah r.a. in the form of an old man on the of the field Who were ploughing with a pair of bulls Sultan Bahoo wear a patched quilt of rags in form of stranger came there and said, old man , why do you suffer? you take rest I plough in the field in your place listening to that Habibullah shah Qadri came into his original form once he take a trial like that flew to a city He became busy teaching the Quran to the children

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo also reached there as a student

When there have been many trials ، then Habibullah Shah Qadri said The blessing you deserve is not in my power. so You should visit my siekh Hazrat Abdur Rehman Dehelvi

when Hazrat Sultan Bahoo reached near Delhi in search of his destination, Hazrat Abdur Rehman r.a. sent his devotee In that way, a man seeking the right path of this appearance is coming ، bring him to us immediately.

29 Dhū al-Qa‘dah , 1078 Hijri by 11th May 1668 on Friday ,

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo visited Hazrat Abdur Rehman r.a. on reaching Delhi he r.a. take allegiance in Silsal e Qadria on hands of Hazrat Abdur Rehman Qadri and got their favors and blessings He held the hand of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo and took hem in isolation then he throws light and brightness of knowledge of on his devotee after receiving the grace of his complete guider Hazrat Sultan Bahoo departed Started roaming the markets in Delhi

He gives his spiritual eye to what appears to be special and common. He became famous in streets and markets of Delhi He got crowded around

When Hazrat Abdur Rehman Qadri heard the news of it He said, "Find out who he is and which family and succession he belongs to." When the disciples went and saw it, they recognized them. disciples came back and said This is the darwish you have blessed today with your spiritual benefits. after listening that Hazrat Abdur Rehman R.A. became sad and said , Bring him to me immediately when Hazrat Sultan Bahoo came to hazrat Abdur Rehaman Qadri r.a.

He said in a harsh tone. We have given you a special blessing. But you are making it public among the people. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo said, O , my , master , when an old lady bought a griddle to bake breads from market she strikes on it to check that how it will work. similarly when anyone buys an arch ، he drew it to check How flexible is it

I also want to see this blessing which is given to me What is this blessing like and how much is it? You are the one who said, Try it, and make this benefit public. After that you received more blessings from your guider And with their kindness he departed from there. Most of his life was spent in tourism

 He travelled mostly in areas of Multan , Dera ghzi khan , dera Ismail Khan ,

cholistan , valley of son skaisar and kohistan e namak

to preach and advice and to make wisdom and knwledge public among the people.

He met Mughal King Aurangzeb in Delhi

Who requested him for allegiance

He said, "You will continue to benefit, do not have any connection with me more than that."

He wrote a magazine for Aurangzeb with the name of ''Aurandg Shahi ''

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo returned back from Delhi Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was a saint with miracles such miracles have been emerging from your own self time to time People's intellects were stunned to see them. even today who listen that says ''Subhanallah'' Let us also hear some of his miracles to seek blessings. miles away from tehsil Shorkot , a rich man became poor in an area He complaing to a local saint about his poverty and hardship This is how he described his condition

Hazrat I am now often surrounded by starvation. There is a crowd of lenders at the door due poverty marriage of children and other duties became difficult I don't understand what to do ، where I go? saint said , go to Shorkot near bank of Chenab tell your difficulties to Hazrat Sultan Bahoo r.a. When the man saw a ray of hope So he travelled with his friends to Shorkot He r.a. ploughing his field at that time The man was deeply disappointed to see this. And he began to think that the one who suffers from poverty himself and lives by ploughing himself.What will he help me?

Sultan of sufis Hazrat  Sultan Bahoo R.A

As soon as he turned around thinking So someone called out by name. He was surprised that I was a stranger here.

Then who is the one who calls me by my name? Turned around and saw that Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was calling him When he saw this, a hope created in his heart. he appeared before Hazrat in respectful manner Hazrat Sultan Bahoo r.a said ,you have endured so much travel. And covered such a long distance Yet you were going without seeing us. he told his story of poverty in tears Hazrat Sultan Bahu picked up a piece of clay at the same time and give to the ground When the man looked at the ground astonished to see that All the pieces of clay and stones lying in the field had become gold Hazrat Sultan Bahu said with inattention, pick as much you need Raees and his friends put gold on horses in abundance and departure saying thanks to Hazrat Sultan Bahu on this kindness

once Hazrat Sultan Bahu r.a was resting on the road that a group of non muslims passed from there one of them kicked him as an act of contempt and said tell us the way He got up and stand لاالہ اللہ محمد رسول اللہ The kalma was to be issued from your language that whole group of non muslims became muslim Hazrat Sultan Bahoo spend the whole life in guiding the public He enlightened the world from his grace , excellence and intuitive knowledge He showed the right way to the thousands of strayed people He blooms the such flower of love from his mystical poetry writing their fragrance is still coming

He enlightened the such candle of passionate love with God in their hearts from which people are still profiting Revived dead hearts , He turned his hand towards the sobbing people Delivered countless people to their destination He r.a. said himself that he brought thousands of people to Allah Whose condition no one knows Hazrat Sultan Bahoo's style of sufism unique , separate and priceless

 He r.a wrote 140 books

 on topic of Sufism but out of those thirty books are such which are published this time which books are pulished , which are real or with translation , some of book's names are ,

Aqal e baidar , Abyat e SultanBahoo , Ain ul faqr

Aftah ul arifeen , Mohabat e israr,

 Ain ul arifeen

shamshul arifeen , kaj ul israr ,

Among them Punjabi verses are of great importance Until Persian writings did not come to the fore with translations These verses were the reason for his fame as a Sufi poet

He said, everyone asks for a secure faith but secured love someone else they ask for faith but feel shame for love ، pride was born in the heart He r.a. said ، who with sincerity and certainty asks Prophet (PBUH) Muhammad (PBUH) reach to my cry, Muhammad (PBUH) at the same time visits in dream, from the clay of Prophet's feet complainant made powder for applying to the eyes but if insincere and uncertain man even offers prayers day and night Even then he will remain in concealment

He r.a. said the one who denies the life of Prophet(PBUH) but known as dead, dust in his mouth, he is a black soul or of dark face in both worlds he will be deprived of intercession of Prophet(PBUH) names of four caliphs of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo are

 Hazrat syed Musa Shah Gailani reknowned as Hazrat Musan Shah Hazrat Mulla Muali Mesvi, Hazrat Sultan Noorang khaitran

Hazrat Sultan Hameed, Hazrat Sultan Wali Muhammad

Hazrat Sultan Bahoo got married four times, had eight sons and one daughter He had given religious education to all His older son Hazrat Sultan Wali Muhammad was his first predecessor and this process continues in their descendants

 He r.a spread the knowledge of Islam in public for 63 years and died during the period of Mughal king Aurangzaib

on 1st Jamadi ul Ukhri, 1102 Hijri , according to 2nd March 1691، Friday night.

 His first tomb was on the west bank of Chenab river near the kohargan fort with wall boundry after 77 years in 1179 Hijri, Chenab river became flooded water was near to reach the tomb He r.a. ordered his predecessor to shif him to other place next day when his devotees started to dig the ground his body was not there, they became worried he again said to his predecessor, tomorrow an old man in veil with green dress will come he will point out the grave so next day an old man in veil wearing green dress came and point out the grave when the body was taken out of the grave in the presence of thousands of people then all saw that his body and shroud was safe The fragrance spread through the air for miles Drops of water were dripping from his beard It felt that he was asleep now after 158 years of this incident, 1336 Hijri according to 1918 there was another great flood in Chenab river Waves of water began to touch the shrine grounds So his body had to move to a third place Even then, your body and shroud were intact Completion and decoration work of the shrine was done in the period of

Sultan of sufis Hazrat  Sultan Bahoo R.A

 Haji Ameer Sultan r.a. Ever since the tomb of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo is in town of tomb of Sultan Bahoo near Garh maharaja tehsil Jhang, Punjab, Pakistan. where thousands of devotees bow their necks and fill their empty sacks with their intentions.


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