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Lady Diana Princess of Wales

                                                Lady Diana  Princess of Wales

Lady Diana  Princess of Wales


Friends, Lady Diana needs no introduction. Today, 24 years have passed since her death. But in the hearts of the people, this princess is still alive today.  
The biggest reason for Lady Diana's fame is obviously her marriage to Queen Elizabeth's eldest son, and The Crown Prince, Prince Charles. But friends, do you know that Lady Diana and her family lived in a house built on Queen Elizabeth's property before the marriage, and Lady Diana worked as a nursery teacher assistant and as a nanny, before her marriage. Not only that, but Lady Diana's grandmothers, both once worked as Queen Elizabeth's assistants. And Lady Diana's family had been part of the British Nobility for decades.
But after 1981, Lady Diana's fate changed and this princess made headlines all over the world. 
Why was she so famous? The princess's real reason for fame was to be the Crown Prince's wife or something else?
Being an important member of the royal family, what were her responsibilities, how did the princess die, and what were the possible causes?

Lady Diana - Before joining the royal family

Lady Diana was born as Diana Frances Spencer, on July 1, 1961, in a village in England 
Her family was very loyal to the British royal family. Her family worked for the royal family. Thus, friends, it is clear that Lady Diana's childhood was not as good as that of the royal family's children. However, her family was given special privileges for being a part of the British nobility. Lady Diana's personality was attractive from the beginning. She also used to visit the queen's palace often. However, when Lady Diana was seven years old, her parents separated. And she moved in with her father and stepmother

What jobs did Lady Diana do?

Diana's life got worse after her parents separated in 1967. She was not good in studies. However, she loved to play the piano, swim, and dance. 
As a child, Diana wanted to be a dancer. Diana dropped out of school at the age of sixteen. And started living with two of her friends at her mother's flat in London. Diana started working as a dance instructor to make a living. After that, she also worked as an assistant in a school Not only this, she earned money by hosting various parties. And sometimes became the nanny of other people's children.

Why is she called Lady Diana?

Friends Lady Diana was not Lady Diana from the beginning. In 1975, when her father's rank increased, Diana Francis became Lady Diana. 
Friends, all the families of British Nobility get special privileges and some titles and ranks are also given to the heads of these families Lady Diana's father was given the title of Earl Spencer, and with that, Diana and her two other sisters were given the title Lady.
Marriage with Prince Charles
Prince Charles first met Diana during a ceremony in 1977. Prince Charles was twenty-nine at the time, and Lady Diana was only sixteen. 
The couple got engaged in February 1981. Lady Diana's engagement ring was made of 18-carat white gold. A sapphire of twelve carats and fourteen diamonds were attached to it ۔ At the time, Lady Diana was working as a teacher assistant at a school. After the engagement, Lady Diana quit her job. Friends Lady Diana was the first bride of the British Royal Family who had a job before becoming part of this family. Diana and Prince Charles were married in July 1981. Friends, this wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in history
This wedding is called a fairytale wedding. The princess's wedding dress was adorned with ten thousand precious pearls. And this wonderful dress was worth nine thousand pounds at that time 
75 crore people are said to have watched the couple's wedding on television screens. As many as 600,000 people gathered on the streets to catch a glimpse of the couple.

Responsibilities after becoming Princess of Wales

After marrying Prince Charles, Lady Diana became the Princess of Wales. In addition, she was given four different titles. 
She became the third-highest honorable member of the British royal family. The first and second were the Queen and the Queen's mother. As a Princess of Wales, Lady Diana had to attend a number of official events in the country. Similarly, visiting different countries was also Princess Diana's responsibility. During this time she visited many countries. Friends Lady Diana had also visited Pakistan, three times in 1991, 1996, and 1997.
The last two visits were made at the invitation of Imran Khan to fund his cancer hospital.
Lady Diana is also known as the Princess of the People. The main reason for this was her extraordinary interest in welfare work. 
Friends, it is common that if someone is very popular and people like them, then they follow them. Lady Diana knew that very well. In 1988, she participated in 191 different events. In 1991, the number of such events increased to 397. Lady Diana had largely focused on health-related welfare work. And she was directly part of a number of charities. The most important of Lady Diana's work was her kind behavior toward AIDS patients. She not only used to visit them but also handshake and hug them.
Being part of the royal family, it was strange for the public that Princess Diana used to visit AIDS patients. 
People were reluctant to go to AIDS patients and touch them because there was a risk of spreading the disease. This kind attitude of Princess Diana became very popular and won the hearts of the people.
Separation from Prince Charles
Friends Lady Diana and Prince Charles were married for only fifteen years. Meanwhile, Lady Diana gave birth to two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. 
There are a number of reasons why this marriage was ended. The two were twelve years apart in age. It is said that Lady Diana had a shy nature and was reluctant to appear in public. Diana's husband Prince Charles' relationship with some other women is also said to be because of this separation and caused differences between the husband and wife.
The relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Diana was also not good and according to some sources, Queen Elizabeth was often angry at Diana and did not want Diana to tell the media or the people about Prince Charles's love affairs 
The two separated in August 1996. However, Lady Diana continued to receive a lot of royal protocol because she was now the mother of the royal family's heirs
Until her death, she lived in a separate house of the queen. Interestingly, Prince Charles married a friend, Camilla Parker, in 2005. 
The two had been dating for a long time and Lady Diana already knew about it. Prince Charles' second marriage was not like a royal wedding but a very simple one. Queen did not attend the ceremony. However, the marriage took place with her permission and the two are still together

Lady Diana and Dr. Hasnat

Lady Diana first met Dr. Hasnat in 1995 at a British hospital. Dr. Hasnat is a British Pakistani surgeon 
Some even say that Dr. Hasnat was the reason for her separation from Prince Charles. That is why Lady Diana had visited Pakistan three times as she was told Dr. Hasnat was also a distant cousin of Imran Khan. Whatever happened between Lady Diana and Dr. Hasnat could not be confirmed and is generally considered a rumor Diana had several interviews after her separation in which she mentioned meeting a special person. He was considered Dodi Fayed, another friend of Lady Diana's, as Lady Diana was often seen with him.
Deaths and causes
Despite being part of the royal family, Lady Diana's death is still an unsolved issue. Lady Diana died in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997. 
She was only 36 at the time. She was accompanied by his driver, and a friend, Dodi Fayed, both also died. Only Lady Diana's bodyguard was able to survive the accident. It was actually midnight and Lady Diana was going somewhere in the car. The car had to go through a tunnel. Now that many photographers used to follow her all the time, some photographers were still following her car. To avoid this, the driver increased the speed of the vehicle twice as of normal speed. A car went out of control and first hit the wall of the tunnel and then a pillar of the tunnel
Driver and Dodi Fayed were dead on the spot, Lady Diana was taken to the hospital where she died.
Investigations into the crash revealed that the driver was on drugs at that time and the crash was caused by over-speeding. However, according to Dodi Al-Fayed's father, the whole incident was planned. 
Dodi was a famous Egyptian film producer and his father was a millionaire. Surprisingly, all the security cameras in the area were off at the time of the accident
So no CCTV footage was found. It is said that no one was wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident, except for Lady Diana's bodyguard. That's why he only got a few injuries. 
All around the world put were in grief due to Lady Diana's sudden death. People in Britain began to gather outside the royal palace 32 crore people watched her last funeral rites live on TV screens. When this incident took place, the Queen was in her Scotland's palace.
It is a tradition in Britain that when an important person dies, the flag on Buckingham Palace is lowered. 
Now that the queen was not there at that time, the flag was not lowered. There was a strong reaction from the people and they started gathering in front of Buckingham Palace as a protest Seeing the situation, the queen returned, the flag was lowered and the Queen issued a statement of condolence on the death of Lady Diana

Some more interesting facts about Lady Diana

Lady Diana is considered one of the most beautiful women in the history of the British royal family. You must have heard of terms like Golden Ratio and perfect face. She was said to have largely met these measurements.
Lady Diana would sometimes enter the public, regardless of royal protocol. Not only that, but she also wanted to keep her two children's lifestyles normal. That is why the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Lady Diana was not good at all. 
Diana's interview with BBC in 1995 got very popular. And that made the Queen angry. Before Lady Diana, no British royal family official had given such an interview. In this interview, Lady Diana mentioned Prince Charles' affair with Camilla Parker as well as one of her own
She also mentioned the difficulties and stress she faced after marriage. This interview was watched by 2 crore people. 
A book was also written on Lady Diana's life. The book is also considered her autobiography because it was written by a reporter from the royal family.
Lady Diana was a style icon. Her clothes, her make-up, and her hairstyle were followed all over the world. Many films have been made on her life 
A statue of Lady Diana has recently been placed at Kensington Palace in London. Today, after Queen Elizabeth, the heir to the throne is Prince Charles, the son of the Queen, and later Lady Diana and Prince Charles son Prince William.

Lady Diana is considered one of the most popular figures in the British royal family. She could not be a part of this family for a long time, but her kindness and sympathy for humanity made people her fan. 


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