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Syrian War In 2021 | Syrian Civil War Map

                                  Syrian War In 2021 | Syrian Civil War Map

Syrian War In 2021 | Syrian Civil War Map

 are scattered during the arena the bulk in turkey Lebanon Jordan Iraq and Egypt around 6.2 million human beings are internally displaced maximum of them dwelling in precarious situations in only over 12 months an extra 4. five million Syrians have to turn out to be meals insecure financial disaster job losses as a result of coveting 19 and soaring food prices have added to the plight of Syrians who have been displaced and worn down by a decade of conflict just like the past decade the clashes continued all around Syria in 2021 it seems that after the assassination of gas Suleiman I in Iraq Israel airstrikes intensified in the first two months of 2021 and isis has a more free hand in Syria

 on January 1st 2021 

a bomb exploded near a Russian military base in the Tulsa man area south of Anisa wounding several Russian soldiers a pickup truck was parked just outside of the Russian base by two men who then fled the area Tanzania Perez had din claimed responsibility for the attack through a message circulated on social media kansem herzad din is an armed insurgent group affiliated with al-Qaeda and fighting in the Syrian civil war on the night

 of 6th of January

 Israeli made airstrikes on Iran backed militia these attacks left three militias dead

 on 9th of January 

isis insurgents attacked pro-government soldiers in the town of al-shola in dirizi or province during a sweeping operation looking for jihadist cells the attack left at least seven national defence force militiamen dead and an unknown number wounded 

on 11th of January

 Syrian army forces and allies infiltrated and raided Jai shall Nasser positions in al gob plain northwestern Hama killing 11 fighters of the rebel group 

on 13th of January


Syrian War In 2021 | Syrian Civil War Map

Israeli airstrikes were allegedly launched in eastern Syria close to the Iraqi border at least 18 strikes were launched across multiple locations in eastern Syria at least seven Syrian soldiers and 16 allied fighters were killed during the Israeli raid overnight however the airstrikes which were carried out by Israel against Iranian-backed targets were believed to have been executed with intelligence given by the united states

 on 22nd of January 

Israel launched a fresh missile strike that hit central Syria's Hama province the Syrian authorities stated as a minimum 4 own circle of relatives participants had been killed at some point of the assault along with  youngsters with 4 others injured

 on 23rd of January

 government fourth division fighters launched a new offensive in the western countryside of Dara targeting the towns of tapas Musee rib and aliaduda

 on 24th of January

 negotiations broke down between pro-government forces and rebel factions resulting in clashes in the cities of Davis and Musee rib several rebel fighters were killed and at least four members of the fourth division were confirmed to have died rebels attacked fourth armoured division checkpoints north of sachem el Golan in the Dhara countryside and on the nafea al-Sahara road in the Yarmouk basin also 

on 24th of January 

Islamic State militants targeted a Syrian army bus on the road between Palmyra and deer easy or at least 12 Syrian soldiers were killed 

on 29th of January

 the Syrian government rejected u.n proposals as part of constitutional talks to resolve the civil war

 on 30th of January 

a car bomb in Turkish controlled Afrin city killed eight including four children sdf PKK forces were believed responsible forces of the Syrian army's fifth corps came under attack by Islamic State militants east of homes resulting in the death of at least one officer and several other soldiers also on the 30th a car bomb exploded in the Turkish proxy held town of Afrin killing at least eight and injuring several others

 on 31st of January 
Syrian War In 2021 | Syrian Civil War Map

11 people were killed in two separate car bomb attacks in the cities of azaz and baisa in the Turkish-backed Syrian national army-held area of northern Syria the attack in his as was near a building used by Syrian national army fighters Turkish officials have blamed the attack on the Syrian democratic forces five Turkish-backed fighters died in the attack in baza Meanwhile, in Syria's northeastern city of has sake dear easy or province one person was reportedly killed and four others injured when Syrian democratic forces shot at pro-government protesters the protesters were demonstrating against the siege on their neighbourhood in hasake city as dozens of men were seen taking to the streets 

on February 2nd 

a truce between Syrian democratic forces and government forces lifted a three-week siege of government-held neighbourhoods in Kurdish-controlled hasakah and kamishli also on the 3rd of February Islamic state launched an attack on Syrian forces in Hama province killing 19 government personnel including 11 fighters of the Iranian-backed brigade since march 2019 the death toll of government personnel and allied militia forces as a result of Islamic State attacks has now reached at least 1200. on the 4th of February Islamic state operatives attacked Syrian army positions near the altame oil field leaving three special forces of the Syrian army and air force dead

 on 5th of February

 four Syrian soldiers of the 17th division were killed and six others were injured after Islamic state cells attacked them while they were combing the altar area in the al-mayadeen desert the same day eight jihadists of the Yorkist Islamic party were killed as government forces targeted their bus by a guided missile on the curb at Tanaka's front lines in sal al gob in the western countryside of ham

on 6th of February 

four government soldiers were killed including a lieutenant while eight others were injured as a result of a j shall Nasser surprise attack in the village of al-fatra in the western countryside of Hama also on the sixth of February a Syrian democratic forces vehicle was targeted by machine-gun fire in shaheed about 10 kilometres north of al-mayadeen one SDF fighter was killed and another was wounded Islamic state operatives also captured an SDF intelligence operative in the Basra area about 15 kilometres north of al-mayadeen he was interrogated and then executed 

on 7th of February

 government forces and loyal militias launched an attack in the early hours of Sunday morning on positions of the Turkistan Islamic party on al-Halabi and al-Langkawi front lines in saul al-grab the Turkistan Islamic party repelled the attack five government soldiers were killed and at least nine others were injured while turkey stone Islamic party lost three fighters and others injured two other government soldiers including a lieutenant were also killed by sniper fire in a separate incident on ninth of February four SDF fighters were killed after Isis militants attacked their checkpoint in the deer  easies or countryside

 on February 13

 an improvised explosive device was activated by isis militants against an SDF vehicle in the Basra area about 15 kilometres north of al-mayadeen an SDF commander and a fighter was killed six other fighters were wounded the vehicle was destroyed

 on February 14

 an international coalition the UAV killed a senior isis operative in the rada region about 50 kilometres northeast of Deir ezizor the dead operative was Abu Yasin al-Iraqi between 14th and 15th of February 11 government soldiers and militiamen were killed in fights with isis in the Syrian desert in response to the killings the Russian air force conducted several bombing runs on isis positions early on 15th of February the Syrian army said its air defences had managed to intercept Israeli missiles launched from the And galilee which focused Damascus citizens suggested massive explosions at the southern fringe of the metropolis a navy defector stated the moves hit military in al-kiswah where Iranian-backed militias are based

 on 19th of February

 Russian jets conducted over 100 airstrikes on Isis positions in the eastern raqqa desert leaving at least 12 Isis militants dead

 on 23rd of February 

that Russian jets targeted the Lebara town in northern Syria's Idlib province the attack is said to be the fourth Russian airstrike in Syria's Idlib this year meanwhile in the outskirts of the village of zapper in the southern countryside of idling one civilian was killed and many others wounded during a rocket attack launched by Syrian government forces also

 on 23rd of February 

two SDF fighters were captured in the Thames area and were executed an SDF vehicle was targeted with an improvised explosive device north of raqqa leaving two sdn fighters dead 

on 25th of February

 the u.s military disclosed that it launched an attack on facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in eastern Syria according to the pentagon the attacks were carried out in response to a recent rocket attack in Iraq earlier in February which led to the death of one civilian contractor wounding several other coalition troops

 on 28 of February 
Syrian War In 2021 | Syrian Civil War Map

the Syrian military stated that several Israeli missiles were launched from the  Golan heights which targeted the Syrian capital Damascus most of the missiles were intercepted by the Syrian air defences however the airstrikes targeted an area south of Damascus said Zainab occupied by Iranian revolutionary guards in Lebanese Hezbollah, however, no immediate casualties have been documented so far during the attack we tried to cover the Syrian civil war in detail and we continue to examine key questions about what will happen next will Russia and turkey prevent the crisis in Idlib from escalating can Russia force the Assad government to make key institutional reforms to satisfy western nations conditions for helping to fund Syria's reconstruction what role will Iran and the militias it supports continue to play in the country

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