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Why did the Soviets lose in Afghanistan?

        Why did the Soviets lose in Afghanistan?

Why did the Soviets lose in Afghanistan?

starting in the 1950s the USSR began giving aid to Afghanistan the Soviets build roads irrigation and even some oil pipelines before the arrival of the Soviet troops in this country the Communist Party took power after 1978 Ku Noor Muhammad Taraki became president the party initiated a series of radical modernization reforms truth the country but these new reforms turned out to be very unlike by the more traditional ruler Muslim population and for the traditional power structures the people sole and distribution and women's rights have a very strange to the traditional Islamic culture the new regime suppressed a positional executing thousands of political prisoners and ordering massacres against unarmed civilians this led to the rise of anti-government armed groups and by April 1979 large parts of this country were in open rebellion the government itself experienced in party rivalry and in September 1979 Turkey was murdered under the orders of one of his rivals

Hafiz Allah Ameen

maskull wanted to help the new regime and to expand their influence one more communist country in the region could have been a good thing for the Russians plus the fact that his Soviets wanted to protect their interest in Afghanistan eventually the Soviet government under the leader Leonid Brezhnev decided to deploy the 40 army at the end of 1979 arriving in the capital Kabul they staged a coup killing President Amin and installing the Soviet lowest babrak karmal from a rival faction the deployment had been variously told an invasion by others 100,000 soldiers secured Kabul quickly after USSR - control of the Afghan capital Detroit following decade to gain control over the whole country resistance fighters called Mujahideen so the Christians and artists Soviets controlling Afghanistan as an insult of Islam as well as of their traditional culture proclaiming a jihad a holy war they gained the support of Islamic world and the US which gave them weapons and money so this was the main enemy for the Soviets but their failure to expand their influence to the whole country happened due to some reasons one of the principal ones is the country itself and its terrain Afghanistan a place larger than Ukraine with a harsh soil full of deserts mountains caves cliffs and with a very traditional Muslim people some of them Muslim fanatics having a place to fight but these details was a real struggle for the Soviets the Mujahideen employed guerrilla tactics against the Soviet forces they would attack and write quickly causing great destruction the Soviet Army used armored formations this was notably ineffective against small-scale guerrilla groups using hit-and-run tactics in the rough terrain of Afghanistan large offensives were made against the Mujahideen strongholds but their enemy was dispersed and the Soviets withdrew once their operation was completed so with wasn't like a clear frontline to fight and maintain on after years of fighting in 1989 Soviet forces pulled out of Afghanistan 15,000 Soviet soldiers and countless Afghans had been killed in the decade-long war billions of dollars had been spent each year to support troops in Afghanistan unable to defeat the Mujahideen and pressed by world opinion to leave Afghanistan Gorbachev the Soviet leader decided that the USSR had to get out also with the introduction of other powerful weapons in the the Mujahideen managed to destroy valuable pieces of armored helicopters and planes increasing the monetary costs being a very costly war for years with pressure from outside and inside and with no big progress the USSR forces left as it was presented it wasn't a classical war the Soviets managed to create some achievements but due to the harsh terrain and fighting against an enemy who hit Iran backed by other countries including us they dropped their case in 1989 the Afghan communist regime fell in 1992 there is so much more to talk about in this proxy war of the Cold War but he wanted to present some details about his topic as short as possible 

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