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Razia Sultan: The First and The Last Woman Ruler of Delhi Sultanate

Razia Sultan: The First and The Last Woman Ruler of Delhi Sultanate

 Razia Sultan the first and the last woman ruler of the Delhi Sultanate

in the early years of 13th century fierce warriors were fighting to reign over Delhi among the Warriors there was a woman named Rosa who was the only female sovereign in the entire history of Islamic civilization across the world belonging to a slave dynasty her accession to Delhi Sultanate throne shook the established customs of nobility and power Rogers father Shamsuddin iltutmish had risen to be the Sultan of Delhi from being a Turkish slave he raised Rozier to be a bold young girl training her alongside with his three sons in governance and military trained from childhood by her father in warfare in administration and statesmanship and even before he had the made his will to appoint her his successor he had gone on a campaign to Gwalior and at that time also he left Delhi in charge of Raja and not in charge of her of his sons the Sultan considered Raja equal to 20 of his sons inability she assisted her father in state affairs and never hesitated in giving her opinion on his deathbed iltutmish nominated Raja as his successor becoming the first Soltan to nominate a woman as their however her accession was challenged by Turkish Nobles not wanting to see a woman ruler her brother rukmi Nordine Pharaohs was set up to the throne by the nobles firuze indulged in hedonistic pleasures and left governance to his mother dissatisfied the citizenry in November 12 36 both his mother and he were assassinated and then sultan Reza ascended the throne under the name jalal at odine Reza she refused to be address a Sultana as it meant wife or mistress of a sultan she herself said that the word sultan if added as a suffix is used for a consort or a princess I am a truth Angela look Dean Razia that was the name in which she ascended the throne and in the name in which she struck her coins so we should call her Sultana Xia she was a monarch in her own right not the wife of hemana waaka resi adopted a gender-neutral attire and abandoned Aperta angering the traditional Muslim society she ordered coins to be minted in her name pillar of women queen of the time so thorn Reza's daughter of shamsuddin altered mesh openly exercising her power being a secular leader Razia  prioritized both traditional and scientific education and established a host of schools academies centers for research and public libraries despite her welfare schemes her rule did not list the Turkish Nobles who could not accept being ruled over by a woman they made a plan to revolt against her and so her opponents cast rumors about her relationship with one of her stable managers who was an Abyssinian slave Jamal Udine Yakult made the head of the stables which is again a essential part of our army and also he is a mentor to the Sultan would itself be objectionable and that is one of the main reasons that was used that was I think that went against her the fact that she could she had the independence and she had the guts and the courage to go against a gentleman eaters who were all powerful this angered Malik ixiaro Dean Antonia her room a childhood lover he conspired a coup against Raja imprisoning her at Kayla Mubarak and helping her brother Musa the in Barranca take control of the throne however Altona and ricean later got married some believe they fell in love while some believe she did it to avoid death and later on she sent a proposal or he sent a propose that I know how it happened but anyway they decided to join forces together and she won marathon so the fight whatever was was a political one the marriage may have been a political ally in 1240 Razia and her husband Antonia decided to seize and reclaim the lost kingdom from her brother however they were defeated in the ensuing battle and fled Delhi they were caught Midway and killed by a band of men believed to be her brother's conspirators so don resio died at the young age of 35 on 13th october 1240 after only raining for four years

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  1. Good job, Mr Saddam, but there are some suggestions; you should re-read your article to avoid mistakes and doubling of words, second you should improve your ability in use of punctuations because punctuations have main role in understanding the fact.
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