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War broke out with the creation of Pakistan fewer countries in the world who faced war with their inception Pakistan is among one of those countries Pakistan was dragged an unwanted war when India invaded Kashmir, just two months after freedom Kashmir was among those 560 princely states which had to decide among Pakistan or India Since Kashmir bordered with Pakistan and was Muslims majority state, so accession with Pakistan was natural But Kashmir's Maharaja Hury Singh secretively affiliated Kashmir to India and started massacring pro Pakistanis The Kashmiris revolted Thousands of tribesman from Pakistan came to help their Kashmiri brethren When tribesmen with Kashmir fighters approached Srinagar Maharajah fled to Delhi. Where he signed accession papers with India After this, India landed his armies in Kashmir and captured Srinagar Douglas Grecy was then head of the armed forces of Pakistan in spite of clear directions of Quaid e Azzam he refused to fight with India However when India strengthened its occupation, Grecy has no objections over sending troops But obviously it was too late Yet the Pak Army managed to secure Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir  The war was on when India took this issue to the United Nations  The UN approved the resolution of plebiscite in Kashmir But resolution was unfair as it did not declared India as Invader, Instead it said Pakistan to withdraw his forces Quid e Azam rejected this resolution saying it unjust However, after his death, Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan accepted truce under this resolution  so Kashmir war ended on 1 January 1949.

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