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History of Movies

History of movies
History of movies

The history of movies in 1878 the businessman and Racehorse owner Leyland Stanford was debating with his friends about whether or not all four hooves of a horse were off the ground during a gallop Leyland met a prominent photographer called Eadweard Muybridge and asked him to settle the debate once and for all using photographs my bridge set up 12 cameras along the edge of the racetrack in a line to get 12 different pictures of one stride of a gallop turns out that at every stride all four hooves of a horse actually are in the air for a split second but my bridge had stumbled on one very important discovery if you took many photographs of one image taken very quickly one after the other and put them together you get a moving image Edward muybridge was also an inventor he had come up with a machine called the Zoopraxiscope this marvelous invention had a viewfinder that beeped into a light box inside this light box was a disc that spun around when my bridge took the images of the horse and put them in the Zoopraxiscope he saw the horse galloping continuously with this experiment he became the father of the moving picture the very next year Thomas Edison
 Thomas Edison
inventor of the light bulb set his company photographer William Dickinson the task of creating a machine that could take the idea of moving silhouettes to real images what William Dickinson came up with at Edison Labs was revolutionary the Kinetoscope he also invented flexible reels of negatives which could be fed into the Kinetoscope although the

 Kinetoscope was a revolutionary idea only one person was able to view the image at once a German named autumn are unsure discovered how to project this image so that a group of people could all enjoy the same image together when the French brothers Auguste and Louis lumière got hold of the two ideas they merge them into what became the cinema by then advances and photography had reached the point that cameras could record up to 24 frames per second which closely resembled how the eye sees motion technology has come a long way since then but whether you're watching something in 3d or high-definition it are the ground with a horse galloping find the digital camera and ask your friend to complete one action extremely slowly try and get at least 30 pictures of this one action put it into your computer and slip through them what do you get

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